Every year during December, our Samiti is holding Annual Get-together followed by Sri Satyanarayan Pooja for the well being of our Samaj Bandhavas and to honour the meritorious GSB students in HSC/SSC and also to encourage the children to show their hidden talents. The Samiti gives financial assistance to the needy students I conducts various social & cultural activities, such as marriage bureau, career guidance, different competitions for children to show their hidden talents besides Bhajan sessions, and other spiritual discourses to bring spiritual, devotional awareness. Not only that the Samiti is participating in funeral services which is considered as very important seva.

The Samiti now over a period of time has grown like anything and is having a good team of dedicated and committed members, including ladies and children. The Bhajan Mandali of the Samiti has become very famous in GSB community in Mumbai. It has the honour of performing Bhajan session on various occasions at important places like Sri Vithobha Rakumai Mandir, Dahisar Kashi Mutt, Sri Walkeshwar Mutt, Sri Rammandir, Wadala Gokarn Parthalgali Mutt etc.

Balaji Seva Samiti has recently formed a Mahila Vibhag which is proposing to hold various activities like, Haldi Kumkum, Chudi Pujan, Spiritual and Mythological Discourses Library, Tailoring, Music and other Classes. It was a long cherished dream of every Samaj Bandhavas to have an independent and a spacious place of its own for installing Lord Sri Balaji and for carrying out various functions like Thread Ceremony, Marriages, Engagements, Spiritual Discourses apart from weekly Bhajan Sessions. In otherwords “Sabhagriha” and “Prarthana Mandir”. The dream of Samiti has now come true by the grace of Lord Sri Balaji and the divine blessings of Mathadhipatis of all the Mutts of our GSB community. This could be possible only due to wholehearted support of all our Samaj Bandhavas, well wishers and the sincere afforts of all our dedicated and committed members of the Samiti. The Samiti is also proposing to have a Medical Centre and Education Centre in future. We sincerely hope that by the grace of Lord Sri Balaji and Divine Blessings of our Swamijis, the continued support of our Samaj Bandhavas and well wishers and also the sincere afforts of our dedicated members the task is attainable.

“Sreenivasa Venkataramana Govinda”

Always in the devotion of the Lord Sri Balaji & Praying at the Lotus feet of all our Swamijis

Yours truly,